44 Years of Excellence

McTish, Kunkel & Associates

Since 1976, McTish, Kunkel & Associates has provided professional engineering, planning, environmental, and construction management services to a wide range of clients including PennDOT, the natural gas industry, electric utility companies, municipal government, public water and sanitary sewerage authorities, airports, railroads, parks and recreation agencies, residential and commercial land developers, and various public and private utilities.

Every one of the hundreds of MKA staff has been exactly where you are now. Maybe you’ve been studying hard and are looking for your first career experience. Maybe, you’ve been working hard and are searching for the right career move. At MKA we’ve been there too. That is why we want to meet you.

Offering Paid Training

McTish, Kunkel & Associates

McTish, Kunkel & Associates offers paid technical, safety and certification training programs, workshops and seminars to all experience levels of Construction Managers and Inspectors – from intermediate inspectors to supervising construction managers. We provide extensive training programs and field manager support of our inspectors to ensure the client is receiving inspection that will yield a high-quality project. Our company goal is to provide knowledgeable and experienced construction inspection for every client’s project needs and enable our inspection staff to have a career where they can take pride in their work and provide high-quality transportation systems for the public while earning a terrific family income.